Five Things to Do When Attending a Job Fair


Five Things to Do When Attending a Job Fair

Some of the activities that can be done in a job fair will help improve not just the chances of getting hired, but also improve one’s work attitude. Here are a few things that a job applicant can try to do on the day of the job fair.

Check out Other Potential Companies for Application

A common (and essential) activity during a job fair is seeking out the primary and secondary companies that one will be applying for. This allows an applicant to concentrate on trying to apply for a narrower range of organizations. It is possible one’s desired job position is being offered in another company, for a much higher income and with much less competition. A quick look around might just help increase one’s chances of nabbing that dream job.

Apply for Jobs

One must also remember to double-check the requirements for application. Resume formats, identification, and certification are only a generalized few among the many sub-requirements for application Making sure that one follows these instructions to the letter will help earn respect from potential interviewees. Good grooming, mastery of the resume, and a good list of references will always be the tools of a winning job applicant.

Evaluate Other Applicants

Benchmarking is a process used by companies which compares organizations in order to determine the so-called ‘best practices’ for each industry – as such, a job fair applicant would do well to check the best practices that their fellow employees exhibit as well, to improve your chances at getting a job. Try to see if a person is displaying qualities that can be improved on, and make a mental note out of each one. In the same vein, try and see if there are other applicants that embody good potential employee values for you to emulate.


When one has checked out the good aspects of other applicants, it’s time to check how he or she marks up against them. A personal ‘benchmarking’ process can help make sure that getting a job will go over well. Remove the negative habits that one does that are similar to others. Try to incorporate practices that can be assets during the interview into one’s own attitude set. A set of good values can pave the way for a successful interview and a good job.

Attend Career Seminars

Competent event organizers may include career seminars during the job fair – a chance that an applicant should not waste Some of these career seminars not only provide basic reminders, but also offer specific and competency-based seminars suitable for different job applicants. These seminars may contain hidden tips and tricks, such as the importance of a firm handshake or the need to add a photo to the resume, which can help an applicant in the long run.

With these tips, applicants can end the day not just getting the job that they want, but also obtain values that they will be able to use for their life as a member of the business organization.